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emoi SMART

App introduction:

When emoi smart speaker is connected with Bluetooth devices, you can control the following functions by using emoi smart App:

1. Control different models of product

2. Play the music: select songs, adjust volume, skip to previous or next song

3. Control the light: adjust lightness, light color, detect color by using phone camera, play color interacting game, turn on/off light

4. Set alarm for the light and music


Bluetooth pairing


iPhone and iPad need to pair for two times

1. Turn on Bluetooth and pair with the product

2. Open APP and choose “Bluetooth”, and then pair with the product


Android phone and tablet

1. Turn on Bluetooth and pair with the product

2. Choose “edit”, check whether call audio and media audio are connected


emoi smart, suitable to control:

H0016: Smart Lamp Speaker 1

H0017: Smart Lamp Speaker mini,

H0018: Smart Lamp Speaker plus

H0019: Smart Portable Lamp Speaker

H0020: Smart Flower Lamp Speaker

H0021: Smart Leaf Speaker,

H0025: Smart Flower Bud Fan Speaker

H0023: Smart Mushroom Lamp Speaker

H0027: Smart Aroma Diffuser Lamp Speaker

H0035: Smart Aroma Diffuser Lamp Speaker

H0042: Smart Candle Lamp Speaker

H0050: Bird Stump Wireless Charging Lamp Speaker

H0051: Bird Stump Lamp Speaker

App using conditions:

1. iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S/5C,iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad third/forth, iPad air, iPad mini, IOS version above 7.0, compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.

2. Android phones with system version above 4.0, compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.